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File NameDateRemarks
MED64 System Brochure 20182018/12/07
MED64-Presto Brochure 20182018/12/07

Application Notes

File NameDateRemarks
Detection of neural activity in cerebral organoids connected by axon bundles.2022/02/04
Higher throughput micro-electrode array to investigate of role of NMDA receptor in synaptic plasticity in acute brain slices.2018/12/20
Optimized neurotox screening using an in vitro micro-electrode array.2018/12/21
In vitro Micro-electrode array assay for evaluating in vivo-like convulsive activity in hiPSC-derived neuron and astrocyte co-culture.2018/09/20
Functional characterization of human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived sensory neurons using a high-sensitivity micro-electrode array.2018/08/09
Neurotoxicology screening using a high-sensitivity MEA platform.2017/11/03


File NameDateRemarks
MED64 System Manual2022/06/09
MED64-Presto Quick Guide2022/05/31
MED64-Entry Manual2022/06/09
MED64-Quad II User Guide2015/09/16
MED-A64MD1A Manual2020/12/04
MED-A64HE1S Manual2017/01/26
MED-A64SF1/2 Manual2016/02/12
MED-C03 Manual2011/04/14
MED-C05 Manual2021/04/08
MED-C11 Manual2016/04/21
MED-CP04 Manual2016/12/22
MED Probe Manual2021/11/05
MED-KPK02 Manual2016/03/17
MED CellSpotter_Manual2018/05/09
MED64 Mobius Tutorial2016/04/11
Mobius Offline Toolkit Tutorial2016/09/01
MED64 Burstscope Manual2022/04/27
MED64 Peakmap Manual2022/04/27


File NameDateRemarks
Primary Neuronal Culture2020/12/18
Primary DRG Neuronal Culture2020/12/17
Axol hiPSC Sensory Neuron Progenitor2017/10/30
Cerebral Organoids2021/02/18
Axol hiPSC Neural Stem Cells for Presto2018/06/01
Axol hiPSC Sensory Neuron Progenitor for Presto2018/05/09
iCell Cardiomyocytes for Presto2020/03/03


File NameDateRemarks
Mobius Win10 0.5.1 (rev630)2019/10/18
Mobius Win7 0.5.0 (rev588)2016/02/16
Mobius XP 0.3.9 (rev3052)2012/11/04
Tecella Driver (64bit)2011/07/19
Tecella Driver (32bit)2011/07/19
Symphony 1.22.21 (rev4311)2019/10/18

Offline Analysis Tools

File NameDateRemarks
MED64 Offline Toolkit (211013)2021/11/10This is the successor software to Mobius Offline Toolkit. Some paid tools are included and require activation to use them. The activation file is issued for Mobius Spike Sorter or QT users.
Mobius Offline Toolkit Ver 1.4.52016/07/08This is a burst analysis tool that takes as input the spike timestamp file output by Mobius Spike Sorter (* The development has been already finished).
MED64 Burstscope (211109)2021/11/10You can try Burstscope for 30 days after installation. Activation file will be issued only for Mobius Spike Sorter users or license purchasers.
MED64 Peakmap (211110)2021/11/10You can try Peakmap for 30 days after installation. Activation file will be issued only for Mobius QT users or license purchasers.

Webinar Movies

2021/08/02Advantages of MED64 System
This movie explains how electrode performance affects acquiring signal waveform.