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About US

Alpha MED Scientific engineers, manufactures, and markets MED64 Microelectrode array systems. In 1997, Panasonic leveraged their electronics expertise to develop and launch the original MED64 as the first commercially available in-vitro microelectrode array system. Our mission is to enrich electrophysiologists with our industry leading expertise in electronics design and manufacturing.

MED64 systems provide multi-point extracellular electrophysiological measurements that provide rich data useful for exploring cutting edge neuroscience and cardiac research. MED64 systems employ a novel electrophysiological method for recording electrical activity from cells using an array of planer microelectrodes embedded in a glass substrate. Scientists in fields such as neuroscience, stem cell biology, safety pharmacology, toxicology, and drug discovery and screening take advantage of the ease of use and industry leading sensitivity of MED64 systems to answer important scientific questions.

The MED64 is central to driving advancements in biology and medicine.

Company Profile

Company nameAlpha MED Scientific, In.
HeadquartersSaito Bio-Incubator 209, 7-15, Saito-asagi 7-chome, Ibaraki, Osaka 567-0085
TEL: +81-72-648-7973、FAX: +81-72-648-7974
e-mail: support@med64.com
PresidentHiroyuki Okawa, CEO
Capital stockSeven million yen
IncorporatedSeptember 18, 2009
Lines of BusinessDevelops, manufactures, and provide technical supports for the MED64 System and its associated products
Bank of accountSumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

Corporate History

1991-1996Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (Panasonic Corporation) developed MED Probe as a part of its Brain Computer Project.
1997Launched MED8 System.
1999Launched MED64 System (Separate type). Launched MED64 System (Integrated type).
2002Alpha MED Sciences Co., Ltd. was formed and inherited all MED64 business from Matsushita.
2009Alpha MED Scientific Inc. was formed and inherited all MED64 business from Alpha MED Sciences Co., Ltd. Launched MED64-Basic System.
2014Launched series of medium throughput system, MED64-Allegro, MED64-Quad II, and MED64-Plex 4/8.
2016Acquired by SCREEN Holdings Co., Ltd.
2017Launched MED64-Presto high throughput system.
2018Transferred domestic sales and user support services to SCREEN Holdings Co., Ltd.
2020Transferred overseas sales and user support services to SCREEN Holdings Co., Ltd.